Classification of buses in power system

Classification of buses in the power system is based on the specified value.

What is a bus?

In the power system, you can visualize the bus as a node in electrical circuits. The busbar collects the numerous power lines (incoming and outgoing) with several other necessary electrical components. Those other electrical components include generators, load, etc.

In load flow, the unit which is specified determines the type of the bus.

Classification of buses in power system

The busbar in the power system is classified into 3 different categories.

Load bus

In this bus, both real power and reactive power are specified.

And here, the magnitude of generating voltage and the phase angle of generating voltage is to be obtained. The phase angle of the voltage is not essential for the load.

Generator bus

The generator bus or voltage control bus specifies the voltage magnitude corresponding to the generator voltage and real power corresponding to its rating.

It is required to find the phase angle of the bus voltage and reactive power generation Qg.

Reference bus

Also known as slack bus or swing bus. At this bus, the magnitude and phase angle of generating voltage is specified.

And real and reactive powers are obtained by the load flow solution.

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