Meissner effect and the behavior of superconductors.

Meissner effect proves that a superconductor exhibits perfect diamagnetism. What is a superconductor? A superconductor or superconductivity is discovered by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in 1911. Where he observed that the resistivity of mercury at approx. 4.5K (-268°C) becomes 0. And now at this point, it has achieved superconductivity. The transition from a normal state to …

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electrical conductor

What is an electrical conductor?

Conductors are the material that allows passage to heat, electricity, or sound through them. Here we will discuss electrical conductors. In the field of electrical engineering, electrical conductors are commonly used materials. Insulators, semiconductors, and superconductors are a few other materials used in the electrical world. What is an electrical conductor? Electrical conductors are the …

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P-type semiconductor

When it is discovered that the conduction capabilities of an intrinsic semiconductor are not enough, then a new type of semiconductor is manufactured by doping impurities into the pure semiconductor. And today that is known as an extrinsic semiconductor. Extrinsic semiconductors are of two types n-type and p-type semiconductors. In this article N-TYPE SEMICONDUCTOR, we …

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N-type semiconductor

Semiconductors have conductivity greater than the insulator and less than the conductor. To increase the conductivity of intrinsic semiconductors, it is doped with some impurities. And the manufactured material is an extrinsic semiconductor, which may be an n-type semiconductor or a p-type semiconductor. Based on the group of impurity material added to the pure semiconductor, …

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Intrinsic semiconductor

Based on the purity level semiconductor is classified into two classes intrinsic semiconductor and extrinsic semiconductor. As extrinsic semiconductors are the ones in which impurity is added to increase the conduction capabilities of the semiconductor. On the other side, intrinsic semiconductors are pure or undoped semiconductors. What is an intrinsic semiconductor? An intrinsic semiconductor is …

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This image shows the energy band diagram of semiconductor and types of semiconductor one is p type semiconductor and other is n type semiconductor

What is a semiconductor?

While studying electrical engineering, most topics revolve around these three types of materials conductor, insulator, and semiconductor. Conductors are materials that possess high conductivity and low resistivity which allows them to conduct electricity. Gold, copper, silver, etc. are few conducting materials. On the other hand, insulators are materials that possess low conductivity and slightly high …

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What is a superconductor?

You all are familiar with the conductor, insulator, or semiconductor. But today we talk about superconductors. The resistivity of metals decreases with a decrease in temperature and vice-versa. But for some metals and chemical compounds, their resistivity abruptly decreases to zero when they cooled down to absolute zero temperature (0°K or -273°C). Superconductivity discovered On …

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